Uber Still Deemed Illegal in Nevada

Mark Behl’s latest post

Back in November of 2014, Uber, the transportation service similar to taxi cabs, had been suspended from operating in the state of Nevada. Uber had just began operating in Nevada in October but the operation didn’t not last past November. The service was suspended due to Uber breaking various state regulatory laws that saw some 50 Uber drivers cars impounded during its short stint in Nevada.

140927-uber-mn-1330_30e2a869ecd1d083c7f71cf6c400cad8On November 24th, Washoe County District Court Judge Scott Freeman ruled that Uber operations would be temporarily shut down until the situation as a whole can be closer and examined and a final ruling could be made. That ruling came on January 25th. Despite more than 26,000 people signing a petition to allow Uber’s services, ultimately the petition was denied. Why? The petition was denied because what it breaks down to is what Uber is doing is downright illegal.

In the state of Nevada, taxis and limousine have certain protocols to follow to drive in the state. There are licensing, permit fees, inspections, and insurance that are supposed to be had in order to drive in the state but Uber does not follow these protocols. You may ask why is Uber still trying to pursue their business in Nevada despite blatantly not following the rules? Uber thinks they’re an exception because they claim to be a technology company and not a transportation service. They often tell people that they are a technology company that employs drivers, in order to get out of certain legal obligations.

February 2nd starts the 78th Nevada legislative session. The session lasts 120 days. If anything were to be further done about this matter, it would be during this time frame. I’m sure Uber will make a strong case to allow their service in the timeframe. Las Vegas alone is probably a big revenue source for Uber so they’ll do their best to get back into Nevada.

from Mark Behl | Nevada http://ift.tt/1zOZ8lX


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