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Mark Behl - flightWith an increasingly strong dollar seeing the highest trade value it has had in a long time, traveling abroad seems like an option. (The Euro on its decline may soon be surpassed by the dollar as they approach an even $1:€1 exchange) Just a flight away from getting more bang for your buck, foreign destinations are looking better than ever, and by better I mean cheaper! With many countries in the middle of trying to counter-balance faltering economies with stimulus programs, the steadying United States can relax for the time being, and with relaxation comes vacation. Here are some of the most popular (and increasingly popular) places to go on your 2015 respite away from the everyday bustle:


Flights in are cheaper than ever, and imagine all the mythic wine you can now regularly afford. Eat not one small portion and be left unsatisfied, feeling sorry for your wallet and your labor, but have many a wonderful meal enjoying authentic French cuisine at a price you can manage.


Vodka on the rocks comes easy if you don’t mind the cold weather. The dollar became 60% stronger in the last year (relative to the rouble), and with political struggles, Russia is on the bounce-back trying to incentivize tourism. You may just be greeted with a much needed warm smile upon arrival.

South America

Flights are cheaper; hotels are cheaper. Brazil is another nation that lost competitiveness against the dollar, showing a 30% decrease in relative value. Colombia’s government recently approved the construction of nearly 40 airports countrywide to promote tourism, receiving almost $3 billion in foreign investments to build up its attractions. Although it too saw a fall in the strength of the peso, it saw a huge increase in the number of visitors eager for the budding experience. Should you need an easy transition from the demands of daily work life, the coffee and mate will support you. For a less populated, but similar excursion, see the reliably economical Uruguay.

South Africa

Africa is a rising player in the global community, and as a vacation spot it is no exception. How lovely does the perfect combination of hot weather with cool waterfront breezes sound? How about the peace and quiet of the beach juxtaposed with the boisterous livelihood of the animal kingdom? Whatever your choosing, South Africa offers all kinds of exploits and terrains for those who are frenzied by diversity. Free museums, cheap cafés, and affordable hospitality are additional reasons to stop by. Not to mention a strong currency like the dollar will provide some bone to the wavering rand.


Specifically in Shanghai and Taiwan, some of the cheapest housing can be found. China is also the prime producer of goods; imagine walking into a clothing or toy store with a fat paycheck bearing your name. Essentially, meet China. Variety beyond what you know, and portion sizes larger than those typically offered in the west make the dining experience unforgettable. Not to mention all the cheap beer you can’t find in the States. Relaxing walks through the city can be browsing or shopping sessions showing you a slew of one-of-a-kind souvenirs. Public transportation in the big cities is affordable, and can take you from the quiet of your hotel (hostels are significantly cheaper) to the hubbub of the marketplace in no time.

So where will you go next? Think fast, but not too fast, as the dollar is predicted to stay strong for some time.

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