New York Presbyterian Places High Emphasis on Cultivating a Patient-Centric Atmosphere

Patient communication, engagement, and satisfaction are a few criteria that hospitals are attempting to improve with help from recent technological advancements. Mobile technology and interconnectivity are at an all time high within the general populous and at NewYork- Presbyterian Hospital, administrators are attempting to increase patient experience through such avenues.

Mark Behl - healthcare
New York Presbyterian

Last year the hospital took steps to ensure it would remain up to date on technological initiatives by opening their Innovation Center (iUnit). Working closely with different departments within NY Presbyterian and externally they have been able to bring many enhancements to hospital-goers experiences. To start, the iUnit asked the William Randolph Hearst Burn Center employees how technology could help their efficiency. From feedback, the new innovation unit helped improve phones, tablet integration and broad communication channels.

Examples of the communication improvements include text alerts for families waiting on a patient’s status, as well as patient tablets for them to view their health information and summon nurses for help while in bed. These improvements may seem minute, but the small incremental improvement vastly helps with streamlining every process of a patient’s experience.

The latest improvement to patient’s experience is the NYP E-Whiteboard. This initiative consists of a 40” LED display within surgical units allowing patients, family members, and caregivers real time updates on status among other important information for all to have. Such screens increase transparency within complicated processes that have long been a mystery for patients and loved ones. Having everyone involved with a recovery greatly increases satisfaction and overall experience.

Further aiding the culture of innovation, NYP has been working with external organizations to help cultivate healthcare-centric ventures. The Blueprint Health Accelerator is an incubator of sorts designed to attract entrepreneurs to innovate and start initiatives that further improve hospital processes.

New York Presbyterian has placed high emphasis on cultivating a patient-centric atmosphere and their recent steps to improving the technology within their system is a testament to that. Look for many more hospitals to model this behavior and introduce technological advancements in order to increase patient satisfaction.

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