Looking Outside the Lines for Public Health Innovation

Public health is extremely important today and the state of California is looking for ways to to improve up on it. However, they’re going about it in a different way. Interestingly enough, health officials in California are calling on entrepreneurs and innovators for new ideas and solutions in a couple of different categories.

635521256353434746-CDPH-color-logoThis is initiative known as the Let’s Get Healthy Innovation Challenge and is designed to bring changes to the states residents. Overlooking the challenge are the governor and California Health and Human Services agency. The general objective is to get people in a more proactive healthy lifestyle. One example is the Kern County Greenfield Walking Group. This group is putting a plan together to not only get latino mothers walking daily but refurbishing parks so they have a place to do so.

The organizations annual meeting is held privately. However, this years meeting will be open to the public. They’re taking an all hands on deck approach in looking for new creative ideas to fuel this initiative. Other ways to spread the word will come from the launching of a website as well as a expanded social media efforts.

The six categories California is looking to focus on are:

  • Lowering the cost of care, including payment and integrated system reforms
  • Redesigning the health care system, including access issues
  • Improving community health by promoting exercise and access to healthier food
  • Beginning of life care, including safer births, reducing childhood trauma and increasing vaccination rates
  • End of life care, including palliative care and late-stage hospitalization
  • Chronic disease care, including tobacco use prevention and cutting down on conditions such as diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure

It’ll be interesting to see how this all turns out. It’s definitely a step and initiative in the right direction. For more on this topic, check out this public health article here on californiahealthline.org.


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